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Tips to Outsmart Sting Pests

Sting PestsYour garden is home to beautiful plants and flowers but also to sting pests such as bees and wasps. The autumn and fall are the seasons when sting pests come to every garden. Although there is no way you can prevent these free creatures from entering your garden stinging you and your loved ones, you can outsmart ditch their cruel attack. Truth is, some of these pests like bees may even enter your home. Especially when their colony is placed close to an open window, expect a couple of bees or even more to scare and surprise you with a sting or two!

Here are a few tricks and tips to outsmart the sting pests.

Know Your Enemy: Not all sting pests are aggressive. Some even don’t have stings. The colony builders such as wasps and baldfaced hornets are aggressive. They defend their nests aggressively and may sting you if they find you a threat. The first thing that should do is increase your knowledge of sting pests.

No Loose Fitted Clothing: Loose fitted clothes can be a welcome door for any ting pest. The stinging pests caught in the clothes like sleeves and collars may cause them to sting even if they don’t want to.

Wear Light Color Clothes: Wearing light colored clothes can keep the stinging insects at bay. Colors that best repel the stinging pests light green, white and light blue. The colors that you should avoid are blue, yellow and dark color of hues. Clothes with floral prints should be avoided to prevent unwanted bee attention.

Play Safe: You may want to mow your garden and trim plants. But, as you do the necessary, make sure you don’t come out as a predator to stinging insects. Bees and other stinging pests will attack aggressively if your movement is brisk or if you try to blow them away with your breath. They can catch human breathe and attack if they find you a threat. Do the gardening without disturbing the free creatures. This way they will not attack you.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can prevent any sting from flying insects. In case you like to brew in your garden area, go for open cups. Bees are usually attracted to sweet smells. The open cup will allow you to see any bee in your coffee or tea. So you don’t end up with the sting on your lips.

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