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Quartz Countertops Benefits

Quartz CounteropsLooking to replace your plain and boring old kitchen countertops? Perhaps it’s time you invest on something luxurious and durable like quartz countertops. More than just aesthetically pleasing, quartz countertops are certainly some of the most durable you can find on the market today. It boasts of a ton of benefits too.

Quartz is not exactly cheap and may actually require you to shell out a chunk of your kitchen remodelling budget just for this material. But it is certainly worth every dollar spent. It is a great investment because its value adds to the overall value of your home. It has even more advantages including:

1. Quartz is durable and fairly low maintenance – You simply have to clean quartz with a damp and clean cloth to make it clean. It doesn’t break, chip or crack too easily even if you prepare ingredients on top of it!

2. You have plenty of color options for quartz – You won’t be limited to just a few shades. Since quartz is engineered and comes from clear stone, just think of all the colors that could come out when you choose quartz.

3. Quartz is stain-resistant – It is amazing for the kitchen because quartz is a non-porous material. Some would even claim that it is even more stain-resistant than granite! It doesn’t easily absorb juices, sauces, wine, and other liquids you can spill in the kitchen.

Quartz may just be a little pricier compared to other countertop options but it is certainly worth the investment. With quartz, expect your kitchen to be more beautiful and functional than ever. Just make sure you’re working with the righ contractor!

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