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Practical Furniture Shopping: 5 Tips in Choosing Furniture for Your New Home

Practical FurnitureMoving into a new home, especially one that’s unfurnished, means you’d have to get a lot of new things. Furniture, appliances, kitchenware and more may cost you some serious money. And when you just shelled out a lot for your initial rent or payment for a purchased property, buying all these things would surely place such heavy weight on your shoulders. Ideally, you would have to know how to choose practical furniture pieces first.

However, moving should be exciting. It’s your chance for a new beginning. This should be fun. Look at the bright side and just enjoy the ride. After all, there are plenty of practical ways to choose furniture for your new home, including the ones listed below.

1. Don’t buy everything all at once.
Prioritize. Especially if you’re moving into an empty home, you don’t have to fill it up right away. Start with the basics and the things you truly need like your bed, a dining table with chairs, a sofa, etc. Slowly but surely, you will see your new home filled up with all the beautiful furniture you always dreamed of.

2. New home doesn’t always mean new furniture.
If the property is already furnished, consider using the same furniture the previous owner left. You can also check out online stores, garage sales and thrift shops that sell pre-owned furniture for cheap. If you have pieces of furniture from your old home that still look good and are still functional, why not bring them over?

3. Visualize the interior design you truly want.
A common mistake of new homeowners is buying furniture they’d end up disposing in the near future. To avoid this, visualize what you want your home’s interior to look like. For instance, if you see a cheap coffee table in a thrift shop and end up buying it just because it’s cheap, then you might not be making a cheap decision after all. If the coffee table doesn’t match the rest of your furniture, you might want to dispose of it in the future. Then that would just be a waste of money.

4. Choose functional furniture over anything else.
Once you’ve filled up your home with all the furniture you need, splurge on the furniture you want, but not necessarily need. For the mean time, you’d have to settle with what you need and what’s functional for the household. If you can live without that huge display cabinet for now, then put it on your wishlist temporarily and buy it later on. Again, prioritize.

5. Decide whether you need freestanding or built-in furniture.
If you’re renting a house, it is best to choose freestanding furniture. Built-in furniture is more ideal for homeowners. In case you move again to a new place later on, you can bring those freestanding furniture with you, or resell them if you choose to leave them behind. On the other hand, built-in furniture may be a bit pricier because it would be customized just for your home, but you have a say on the materials used. You can also be sure of the furniture’s durability and longevity.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out in making the moving process easy, affordable and most importantly, enjoyable.

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