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Money-Saving Bathroom Remodel Tips

Bathroom RemodelIs your bathroom outdated? If so, perhaps it’s time to remodel it. However, it is understandable that not all of us have the funds to hire the best contractor for a stress- and hassle-free bathroom remodel. If this is the case, then these money-saving bathroom remodel tips might be able to help you out!

1. Leave the plumbing as is. Perhaps the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is when you have to change the entire plumbing system. If there’s no problem with the plumbing, then leave it and work around it instead. So many people think they have to change the plumbing just because they are doing a remodel.

However, this is not the case and you only need to change the plumbing if it is not working, or you are looking for a different aesthetic look. Otherwise it is best to leave it in place, and trying to change it can create a lot of problems that did not exist before. So plumbing is the one area in a remodel that should really be considered before changing. Many remodel projects go way over cost once you get into plumbing and piping throughout your home, which also can bring into the picture a problem with leaking. And then you have an insurance claim against your homeowners insurance policy.

2. The same goes with electric systems. Instead of hiring an electrician to switch up places for your lights, switches, and power outlets in the bathroom, leave them as is. Simply change the light bulbs to something fancier if you’re thinking of something completely different from what you already have.

3. Repaint what you can. You don’t have to have tiles from floor to ceiling. In fact, some pretty bathrooms have painted upper walls and tiles for the rest of the wall area.

4. Clean and repaint bathroom cabinets. Repair those that are damaged. You don’t have to replace all of them!

5. Open shelves are great options. If some cabinet doors are beyond repair, why not leave them open instead?

Look up bathroom ideas and inspirations online to see what you can do to transform your bathroom. Start with a solid plan and your budget – stick to that budget so you won’t spend more than what you planned.

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