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When Do You Need Insulation Removal?

Insulation RemovalWe all know insulations are good to keep our house warm in winter and cool in summer season. But, there might be certain circumstances when the need for insulation removal may arise. What are these situations and how should you deal with them?

Even if you have installed proper insulation in the beginning, there could be times when you would have to remove your already-installed insulation material. It can be for a variety of reasons including damages or need for replacement. While insulation materials can be very durable, they don’t last forever just like most things you have around your home. Learn more about these in detail below:

1. Heavy Load on Rafters: The rafters of the attic may feel overstressed if insulation installed in excess quantity. Truth is, a 20-inch layer of insulation will provide the same effect using a 12-inch layer of the same insulation material. Overloading your attic is not going to add on the effectiveness of the insulation. However, it may significantly add stress in rafters making it vulnerable to break down.

2. Damaged Insulation: If the insulation is damaged, there is no other way to fix it than to get it removed and reinstalled. A damaged insulation won’t work and require immediate removal. Rodents, mold, dust, and water may damage the insulation over the time. Check your insulators for any infestations for timely action.

3. Remodeling/ Upgrading: House renovation or remodeling may damage the insulation and you may have to reinstall them. If you got the insulation installed a long time ago you may have to upgrade them to meet the latest standards. The standards of insulation are updated timely by the authorities concerned.

As you may have read above, these reasons for insulation removal are brought about by either natural wear and tear and other circumstances you may have around your household. It is best to call an insulation expert to ensure that you’re getting the best insulation material and installation that would last you for many more years to come.

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