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Cleaning Granite Counters With Homemade Cleaning Formula

Granite looks spectacularly beautiful on the kitchen counter. Although granite is said to be stain-resistant, it calls forCleaning Granite Counters proper cleaning for long lasting glossy shine. Cleaning granite counters is not a tough task. However, you need to have a proper guideline on how to clean granite counters.

As a rule of thumb, wipe any stain from granite counter instantly. Granite, when compared to marble, soaks less of spills, stain and oil. Leaving the spills and oil unattended can turn them into tough stains. These stains are hard to remove with soap and water. But, you can easily get rid of them with homemade granite cleaning formula.

The best part of the homemade cleansing formula is that it will never damage the surface of the counters and will maintain the glossy shine of the granite. You can make granite cleansing formula at home using dish detergent and baking soda. Here is how to make granite cleaning solution at home:

  1. Dish Detergent and Isopropyl Alcohol: Take a bucket of warm water. Add three portions of dish detergent and one portion of isopropyl alcohol. Let the mixture blend well and keep it aside until water cools down. Dip a piece of cloth in the solution and wipe the granite counter with it. Clean off the solution from the surface of the granite with a piece of a dry cloth. Gently rub away any stain from the granite.
  2.  Baking Soda: Use baking soda on tough stains only. Add five tablespoons of liquid dish detergent in a cup of baking soda. Let the mixture blend. Add some water if required. Damp a piece of cloth in the solution and use it to apply the solution on the stain. Let the solution sit on the stain for 15-20 minutes. Remove the solution with a clean damp piece of cloth. Wipe the surface several times until the solution is removed.

Maintain the shine of the granite counters by regularly cleaning it. For regular cleaning, use a clean damp cloth to wipe off any spill or stain. For tough stains use baking soda and isopropyl alcohol.

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