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Benefits of Double Vanity Tops

Double Vanity TopsWhy get one when you can have two? Double vanity tops in the bathroom is definitely an advantage as it enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom. The double sink is a choice for many homeowners for many reasons. Although more popular and common in master’s bathrooms or walk-in closets, those with big families with occupants sharing bathrooms are also considering double vanity tops.

Among the many advantages of bathroom vanities with two tops are the following:

1. More Storage Space: Double vanity tops provide added storage. It can seamlessly store toiletries and even hide them in the vanities for a clutter-free bathroom. You can simply store soaps, toilet papers and more in the vanity for ease of convenience.

2. Saves Times and Minimizes Stress: Mornings are often busy as everyone is rushing to the bathroom getting ready for their day. With double sinks in the bathroom, two people can use it without one having to wait for the other to finish. It takes away a lot of stress when you know that you can take your time to brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hear and more. Your kids will no longer fight for bathroom time when they have one with a double sink. You can do your makeup and your spouse can shave at the same time without bothering each other.

3. Improves Aesthetics: Double vanity tops definitely adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom by making your bathroom more luxurious. This can help in the long run especially when you plan to sell off the property.

When you’re interested in having a double vanity top for your existing bathroom, simply call your preferred contractor for a full bathroom remodel.

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