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Attic Insulation Replacement: Telling Signs It’s the Right Time

Attic Insulation ReplacementIn many cases, attic insulation replacement is more costly and time-consuming than the initial insulation installation. Of course, it would take a whole lot of effort and time to remove the existing insulation and replace it with a new one. These are the usual reasons some property owners hold off replacing insulation unless they have no choice.

However, one must realize that if you wait it out, damaged insulation or one that’s due for replacement may just cause more risk and even more cost. Just like most structures and property features, insulation is not indestructible. No matter how exceptional its quality is in the beginning, you simply can’t expect it to last forever.

Here are some scenarios that usually cause the need for attic insulation replacement:

  • DIY’s gone wrong – Some property owners opt to DIY their attic insulation to save on labor and installation costs. However, if you’re not an expert, it’s likely you make a mistake. One small mistake can lead to bigger damage that would certainly cost you more.
  • Old insulation feature – Especially if you bought your home from someone who lived in it for years, or if you’ve been living in your home for over a decade or so, the insulation material in your attic may not be as exceptional as it was before. It’s just inevitable – natural wear and tear happens and you have no control over it.
  • Other damages – For instance, animals such as raccoons, bats or rats found their way to the attic, they can cause damage to your insulation. Very strong weather conditions such as storms can also be causes for insulation damage.

Again, you must not wait it out until you have no choice but to replace. Your attic insulation is a very important feature in your home that you must not take for granted. It’s there for a reason and you would rather have it serve its purpose.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s time to replace or not, here are a few telling signs that you should watch out for. When you notice one or all of these signs, then it’s most likely the right time for attic insulation replacement.

  1. Higher energy bills – Because your heater or air-conditioner needs to work extra harder to cool down or warm up your home, it would require more energy, hence your higher energy bills. Perhaps, your insulation is no longer as efficient as it was before.
  2. Water damage in the attic – If you see any kind of water damage on your insulation, then it’s definitely time to replace. There must be a hole somewhere that allows rainwater and moisture to enter or a larger damage that your naked eye just can’t see.
  3. Temperature indoors is no longer consistent – Does it feel extra cold or extra warm inside the house despite having your HVAC unit turned up high? Then there could be a problem with your insulation.
  4. There are pests in the attic – From mosquitoes to bats, raccoons to rats — these pests gained entry to your attic from an opening. Unless they got there through your front door, then there must be a damage somewhere on the roof or the insulation itself. Furthermore, the presence of these pests in the attic could likely mean they’ve also touched the insulation and caused some damage.

Don’t take matters into your own hands. You must know that attic insulation replacement is a more complicated process compared to the initial installation process. It is always best to give your trusted insulation contractor a call.

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