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A Guide for Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation

Carpet InstallationDespite the many changes of trends in home interior, many property owners still opt to get carpets for their living room, bedrooms and other areas in the home. Especially if you’re getting a wall-to-wall carpet installation, then you can be pretty sure that your home’s interior would be enhanced and would look absolutely luxurious.

However, carpet installation is such a tedious task. If done incorrectly, you will find yourself having to do the same thing over again. You will end up exhausted and you might even lose interest with carpeting at all. Of course, you can always hire professionals to get it done for you, but that would incur extra cost to you.

If you believe that you have the ability to install wall-to-wall carpets for you home, and if you can have a helping hand from a family member or friend, than you can definitely try it out. It may require a lot of effort but the process is pretty simple. Here’s a simple guide you can check out:

Step 1: Getting Started

To begin with the carpet installation you should first clean the subfloor from any dirt. Vacuum and sweep the floor carefully. You should get off with any obstacle that may cause problems at the time of the installation. These obstacles can be furniture and doors. Remove these items if possible because it would practically be impossible to install wall-to-wall carpets when you have huge furniture blocking the way.

Step 2: Install Carpet Grippers

Carpet grippers can help hold up the carpet throughout its lifespan. The grippers should be installed a half an inch from wall of the room and not across doorways. The grippers are sharp hence they may cause injury if stepped on.

Step 3: Install the Carpet Pad

Once the carpet grippers are installed put out the pad on the track you plan to place the carpet in the room. Stretch the pad and staple it close to the gripper with the help of a staple hammer. Stretch the pad and staple it tightly. If necessary, trim the pad with a knife.

Step 4: Measure and Trim The Carpet

Make sure you have accurate measurements of the room available. Place the carpet in a large area and trim after adding three inches to the overall measurement. Trim any excess fabric so it would be easier to install.

Step 5: Lay Out the Carpet

Spread the carpet on the pad and stretch it to the walls. As you stretch the carpet, nail a binder bar on any side where the carpet ends.

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